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    Home > Products > automatic car wash machine >Though type bus/truck wash machine(CB-750)

    Though type bus/truck wash machine(CB-750)


    With  2 long brushes, 2 short brushes, 1 top brushes, total 5 nylon brushes.


    High pressure water, shampoo

    Equipment Parameter



    (Drive-   through)

    Machine dimension


    Assembling range


    Available size for car

    L(No limited)≤3000x3200mm

    Main voltage

    380v 3phase 50HZ

    Total power


    Water supply

    DN25mm water flow rate≥120L/min

    Air pressure

    0.75-0.9MPa Air flow rate≥0.6m3/min

    Shampoo consumption


    Washing time


    Car wash capacity


    Top brush

    1 set

    Big side brush

    4 set


    Equipment Advantages

    1.With  2 long brushes, 2 short brushes, 1 top brushes, total 5 nylon brushes.

    2.With pre-wash, shampoos, brushes wash, final rinse washing.

    3.Bus roof, front, rear, both sides and chassis to wash.

    4.PLC control systems&Touch screen pannel.

    5. Trafic light on the machine to indicate the machine to readiness.

    6.Proximity swith and photo sensors for activation of washing bus.

    7.Water proof  IP56 Siti brand motor on brushes.

    8.All bearing and components with high end quality.

    9. Hop-dip galvanized steel frame keep the whole machine antirust.

    10.With one-site installation and operate training for free.

    Equipment Parameter
    Light systemPLC control system made in JapanLiquid automatic mixing systemAutomatic Waxing spraying system

    Nylon/foam brushHot-dip galvanized steel frameHigh pressure water systemBanner sensor
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