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    Home > Products > automatic car wash machine >Bus/truck wash equipment(CB-720)

    Bus/truck wash equipment(CB-720)


    With  2 long brushes, total 2 nylon brushes.


    1.With  2 long brushes, total 2 nylon brushes.

    2.With pre-wash, shampoos, brushes wash, final rinse washing.

    3.Bus front, rear, both sides and chassis to wash.

    4.PLC control systems&Touch screen pannel.

    5. Trafic light on the machine to indicate the machine to readiness.

    6.Proximity swith and photo sensors for activation of washing bus.

    Equipment Parameter




    Machine dimension


    Assembling range


    Available size for car


    Main voltage

    380v 3phase 50HZ

    Total power


    Water supply

    DN25mm water flow rate≥120L/min

    Air pressure

    0.75-0.9MPa Air flow rate≥0.6m3/min

    Shampoo consumption


    Washing time


    Car wash capacity


    Top brush


    Big side brush

    2 set

    Equipment Advantages

    1. Can identify the car model with photoelectric and approaching sensors.
    2. Hot-dip galvanized frame can keep the whole machine stable and long life use.
    3. PLC electronic control panels system can easy to operate and maintain.
    4. The dovetail foam brush makes the car washing more quiet and clean.
    5. High quality control systems, motors and pumps from Japan can keep the car wash running with great performance in any conditions.
    6. The high sensor on the top brush can keep the bus from damage.
    7. The motor with IP67 make the machine work well in the water condition.
    8. Fully automatic wash rolls over the rails and easy to install, operate use and maintain.
    9. With on-site installation and operate training for free and long time quality guarantee to whole car wash.

    Equipment Parameter


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