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    How to make the wash bonanza business


    Starting a car wash business you must know where to source for car wash equipment, what the cost is and how much money you can make from a car wash business. Other than that, you must have in mind clearly how much money you need to start up the business and what is your budget. You can start up a big car wash business if budget is not a concern, otherwise a small car wash business will be nice too.
    It is hard to clearly know how much profit you can make from a car wash business, but you can always calculate an estimated profit base on some of the factors. Here is what you need to consider before starting up the business.
    Location of car wash
    3 most important things in car wash business are “location, location, and location”. Where you plan to start up the business is very important. Choose an area that has high vehicles per thousand people. Ideal traffic speed around the area should be under 40 mph. Place an advertisement 200m away from your car wash will be a good idea to attract more customers.
    Car wash equipment
    The choose and buy of car wash equipment
    It is important to choose the right car wash equipment. There are several types of equipment available such as in bay automatic, tunnel type, or self service. It depends on which type of operations you prefer.
    Calculating budget
    One of the most important things to do before starting the business is to calculate cost and budget. How much per car you plan to charge to your customer base on the cost of water, electricity, staffs’ salary and among others.
    Lot size for car wash
    Besides location, you will need to consider the lot size too. Most of the standard car wash lot size is around 100 feet to 150 feet deep and a minimum of 80 feet wide depends on the numbers of bays. Normally a 4 bay self-serve wash will need at least 120 feet deep x 100 feet wide. Search for prime location with low rental!
    Member reward point
    Membership and point reward systems always a good idea to keep your customers from coming back again and again. For example, free 1 time car wash if the customers had already come for 10 times. Give some value return to your customer base on the profit you made. On the other hand, you can provide some extra service like car detailing after the car washed. It can be polishing, waxing the car exterior, interior shampooing and steaming, extra protection, or upholstery protection.
    In conclusion, creativity will lead you to make more money than others no matter what kind of business you do. For example, some car wash companies hire some hot car wash girlsonce awhile to attract more customers. What you need to do is consider more, plan well, and calculate more before starting a car wash business.
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